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At NPE 2018, all six Molding Solutions companies of Barnes Group Inc. will exhibit together for the first time. Barnes Molding Solutions delivers highly engineered, custom products and solutions through innovation and customer collaboration. A unified display will allow customers to interact with technologies from all six companies in one location. Every hour, Molding Solutions will also host a presentation accompanied by a live injection molding demonstration that will highlight active balancing for perfect parts with Barnes Molding Solutions technology (Booth W763).

“In an increasingly competitive industry that is focused on minimizing cost and maximizing precision and efficiency, having a suite of solutions that can help achieve those goals and increase part quality is a clear advantage,” states Bob Davies, President, Barnes Molding Solutions. “Molding Solutions manufactures systems for the most challenging applications in the injection molding industry. Our customers have access to a complete range of solutions for the molding process in a one-stop-shop.”

The Barnes Molding Solutions strategic business unit has integrated companies from around the globe known for manufacturing excellence and world-class service. This global reach has given each company the ability to expand their customer base in regions and markets that were not easily accessible or serviceable in the past, increase sharing of best practices, and accelerate the scale of production that would not be possible autonomously. Several of the Barnes Molding Solutions company collaborations will be showcased at NPE.

Barnes is pleased to announce our Molding Solutions highlights of NPE 2018. 

Synventive Announces the New synflow® Technology

synflow technologies help molders eliminate cosmetic defects on sequentially filled parts. This next generation synflow brings more advanced features, which allow molders to quickly and easily define the complete molding parameters for a specific application. 

The most significant difference between this new technology and other pin control technologies currently on the market is its ability to easily upgrade to synflow after initial mold trials. All Synventive valve gated hot runners can come standard with SVG+®, which includes position sensors that allow for the simple upgrade path to synflow.  

Thermoplay Highlights Mini Valve Gate Nozzles for Small Parts Injection

Thermoplay will be highlighting their newly expanded small nozzle series featuring the mini valve gate mini nozzle, Ø11. Designed to meet the increasing requirements of special applications in cosmetic, medical, and packaging markets, the nozzle features a small pitch and is now available for valve gate applications.


männer to Show New Slimline Nozzles and moldMIND II 

männer’s new technologies allow molders to monitor and analyze key parameters in the injection process.

männer SLIMLINE Nozzle for Caps & Closures now offers a new specialized solution for valve gating with the highest gate quality. This new nozzle is specially designed for polyolefin applications (PP, PEHD) with limited space. Therefore, with its small diameter of 6.5 mm, the new SLIMLINE Caps & Closure Nozzle enables the moldmaker to gate parts with limited space to the gate.

moldMIND II is the digital cockpit for your mold. männer’s smart device is a tamper-proof instrument for mold owners, injection molders, and moldmakers that can be used to monitor and analyze key parameters in the production process. 

Otto Männer GmbH, - Germany -

FOBOHA to Present Latest Cube Molding Technology

FOBOHA is presenting the latest developments in injection mold and cube molding technology. As a solutions provider, FOBOHA experts will advise and support customers throughout the entire development and production process – from the initial idea for the plastic product, through its co-development, to the industrialization. 

The purpose of the early involvement activities is to develop and provide solutions to produce premium plastic products, which satisfy the highest market requirements and quality demands. 

Foboha, US, Inc.  Germany  -

Priamus to Show Innovative Systems for Quality Assurance in Injection Molding

Priamus plans to show their lineup of systems that increase precision and efficiency in customer’s molding process. 

Cavity pressure sensors with angled connectors are available for all standard cavity pressure sensors with automatic sensitivity detection. PRIAMUS has designed a side outlet connecting cable which requires much less space for installation - allowing the sensor to be installed even in much tighter conditions.

Floating disconnects for floating inserts is the basis for standardization in mold making as more and more frequently, mold inserts are not exactly fitted but installed floating with a generous tolerance. For this purpose PRIAMUS has developed a new disconnect system for cavity pressure and cavity temperature sensors which automatically compensates the lateral displacement of the insert.

The PRIAMUS Mold Dock mold change system minimizes the effort of connecting mold sensors through central non-interchangeable signal contacts that are secured by a locking system and encoding pins.


Gammaflux Displays Easy-to-Use, Flexible and Smaller Temperature Control Systems 

Gammaflux Controls Inc. (GCI) will be exhibiting the latest G24 and LEC lines of controllers. The LEC will be shown in 2, 6, and 12 zone configurations. The G24 will be shown as a standalone controller, and also as an integrated hot runner temperature controller with an integrated Synventive Sequential Valve Gate Controller (SVGC). 

The G24-SVGC will be shown in a mini-version controlling pins on a Synventive Hot Runner and the G24-mini will be shown together with a Priamus censored mold supplied by Männer in the Molding Solutions Display (Booth W643).

Additionally, G24’s will be in use at Sumitomo-Demag (Booth W3045) and at Wittmann-Battendfeld (Booth W3742).

Gammaflux, - Sterling, VA  -

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Synventive Introduces eGate® 2.0
Synventive Introduces eGate® 2

 Connected brands. Complete so

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