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Synventive Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against HRSflow in Germany Resulting in Injunction

 April 28, 2020

Synventive Molding Solutions, Inc. (“Synventive”), a global leader in hot runner systems and components for the injection molding industry, announced today that it has been awarded an injunction, a damages award in principle, as well as ancillary awards in its patent infringement lawsuit based on European Patent EP 2 620 266 B1 (the “Patent”) against Inglass S.p.A. and its German subsidiary HRSflow GmbH (collectively “HRSflow”) in the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany. The judgment is immediately enforceable subject to Synventive putting up an enforcement bond. Synventive is an operating unit of Barnes Molding Solutions, a strategic business unit of Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE: B).

This judgment is the first ruling against HRSflow related to the Patent, which up until this point Synventive has not asserted against HRSflow anywhere else in the world.

The Mannheim Court determined on April 24, 2020 that HRSflow’s FLEXflow and FLEXflow ONE products are infringing the Patent related to technology covering the use of actuators and pin control of sequential valve gated hot runner systems (docket number 7 O 36/19 – Landgericht Mannheim). The Court also enjoined HRSflow from offering and/or delivering these products to third parties in foreign countries where HRSflow knows the products will be supplied to purchasers in Germany.

Synventive regards its significant and ongoing investment in developing innovative technologies, and the intellectual property that protects that investment, as fundamental to its success. Synventive is committed to vigorously enforcing its intellectual property rights against suspected unauthorized use.

Synventive in good faith entered into a technology license in 2014 that granted HRSflow the necessary rights to implement Synventive’s patented SYNFLOW® pin control technology. The patented technology, primarily utilized in the automotive interior and exterior industry, provides superior performance of the injection molding process by controlling the valve pin velocity to eliminate surface defects in the molded part. Effective November 6, 2018, the technology license agreement expired.

The Mannheim Court has issued an injunction against HRSflow ordering it to refrain from using, offering, selling, importing into or distributing infringing products in Germany. Moreover, the court order also covers HRSflow’s servicing products in Germany with respect to installing or supplying infringing pin velocities. The court also declared that HRSflow is liable for damages with respect to historical sales of infringing products after the expiration of the license agreement and has to provide an accounting of its infringing activities, including service and training activities.

The court refused HRSflow's request to stay the infringement case pending the outcome of HRSflow’s nullity action against the Patent which HRSflow has filed in the Munich based German Patent Court. HRSflow may appeal the court decision. A further decision by the Mannheim Court regarding a proposed redesign of HRSflow's product ("stepped profile") is expected during the summer of 2020.

About Barnes Molding Solutions

Barnes Molding Solutions is a strategic business unit within Barnes Group, which includes a comprehensive portfolio of advanced technologies and value-added services that delivers premium tool-based solutions where demanding specifications are required by global customers in the plastic injection molding industry across a broad spectrum of applications, including quality hot runners, complex molds, sensor technologies, and control systems.


About Barnes Group

Barnes Group Inc. (NYSE: B) is a global provider of highly engineered products, differentiated industrial technologies, and innovative solutions, serving a wide range of end markets and customers. Its specialized products and services are used in far-reaching applications including aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, automation, healthcare, and packaging. Barnes Group’s skilled and dedicated employees around the globe are committed to the highest performance standards and achieving consistent, sustainable profitable growth. For more information, visit # # #


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