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Hot Runner Temperature Controllers

Synventive proudly offers the top line of hot runner temperature and valve gate controllers from our sister company Gammaflux. Whether you want 2 zones or 640 zones of temperature control, looking to control up to 32 valves gates, or maybe control both temperature and valve gates, then the LEC, the G24 and TTC family of hot runner controllers are just what you are looking for.


LEC Series Hot Runner Temperature Controller or PDF download

G24 Series Hot Runner Temperature Controller or PDF download

TTC Series Hot Runner Temperature Controller or PDF download

TTC Series (SVGC) Hot Runner Sequential Valve Gate Controller or PDF download

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Gammaflux Hot Runner Temperature Controller Features

Triangulated Control Technology: All Gammaflux hot runner temperature controllers feature Triangulated Control TechnologyUsing this unique technology, our controllers:

1) Sense – 20 times per second, Gammaflux controllers precisely control the thermocouple;

2) Control – the proprietary self-optimizing Gammaflux PID2 control algorithm adjusts if the actual temperature deviates 0.1 F (0.05 C) from set point. The second derivative (PID2) monitors the actual temperature rate of change. As a result, the control regulates the output to the heater in advance of achieving set point to limit or eliminate over or undershoot.

3) Actuate – using phase angle fired output, the Gammaflux controller delivers smooth and exact power to each heater in 0.24 VAC increments for the ultimate in temperature control.

Temperature Controller 3d - Synventive

Triangulating your process with a Gammaflux hot runner controller means achieving better temperature control that could result in:

  • enhanced part quality
  • reduced scrap
  • improved part weight
  • consistency
  • material savings
  • higher profit margins  

Power Priority  “Low mass”, or extremely small hot runner nozzles are a unique challenge to control. To smooth the power and ultimately the melt heat history, Gammaflux has created Power Priority . Power Priority smoothes the power output to individual zones. Users have the option to manually apply a Power Priority set point from 1 (light) to 4 (heavy) outputs.

Protection Closed loop wet heater bake out – 120 times per second (at 60 Hz), our control modules check the heater for a short, steadily ramping up the voltage for the fastest possible time to set point. If the heater is wet or shorted, the output is adjusted with 8.3 milliseconds to protect the heater, cables and controller.

Warranty Gammaflux hot runner controllers come with a industry leading full 5-year warranty and is backed by the industry-leading worldwide support that our customers expect from Synventive.

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