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Hot Runner Flow Control

  • Hot Runner Flow Control
  • Valve gate components
  • activeGate™

Valve technology to control the melt flow has long been established in the form of valve gate nozzles. In addition, Synventive also supplies a complete line of activeGate™ control systems, a family of patented technologies to precisely control the flow of melt within the mold.

Valve Gate Components

Synventive Valve Gates

 activeGate™ Systems

activeGate Control Systems


Valve Gate System - Synventive

Valve Gate System components

Convert your hot runner system into a valve gate system.

  • Put large gates into practice which allow gentle flow and reduced shear rates
  • Be in control of opening and closing the hot runner gate
  • Gate directly on to the part and provide excellent gate cosmetics
  • Allows for manipulation of knit line's

Download PDF-Valve Gate System Brochure


activeGate™ Control Systems

activeGate™ control systems use sensor, microcomputer, digital and control valve technologies to control the flow of melt within the mold.

  •  Provides independent melt flow control at each gate
  •  Improves cosmetic defects on part surface
  •  Tools can be balanced without the need for changing steel
  •  Makes family tools entirely feasible
  •  Enables parts of complex geometries
  •  Faster mold start ups and qualifications

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activeGate Control