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More and more frequently, when you open the hood of a car you can see little, if any, of the engine. The appearance of an engine compartment has become as important as the interior and exterior styling of the vehicle. Synventive provides systems for a variety of engine, under hood and functional components for the automotive market. Typically, these parts will be molded in materials that have a variety of fillers to withstand a harsh environment. This not only makes the resin abrasive, but it also makes achieving the cosmetic requirements of the part a challenge in itself. With a multitude of tips, inserts and valve pins made of differing materials, Synventive again excels in this area of automotive molding.

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We provide our customers with hot runner systems that improve their molding operations and save them substantially for the life of the tool.

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Global Presence - Local Service

Synventive operates with manufacturing in North America, Europe and Asia and service and support operations in 26 countries.



Problem Shared - Problem Solved

Do you have a challenging application? Synventive will work with you to provide the best hot runner solution to meet your needs.

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