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Sequential Valve Gate Controller: TTC Series

Manufacturers of large, complex or difficult to fill parts often turn to Sequential Valve Gate Control (SVGC) to solve molding issues. All SVGC applications have hot runner manifold systems with either pneumatic or hydraulic valve gates. Using SVGC the processor has the ability to selectively open or close each valve gate individually to precisely control the material flow front. Filling the cavity in the sequence has the following potential benefits:

  • Knit line control
  • Improved part quality and consistency
  • Lighter weight parts
  • Dimensional improvement

Synventive TTC SVGC Hot Runner Temperature Controller

Diagnostics Through extensive input from processors using existing SVGC units, Gammaflux created a hot runner system that provides a clearer understanding of the sequence to ease troubleshooting.

Speed All SVGC applications rely on speed, accuracy and repeatability to produce the best possible part shot after shot. The integrated eight (8) output version monitors each of the 7 digital and 2 analog inputs every millisecond (1mSec.). As a result the Gammaflux SVGC module has the ability to open or close each valve gate every millisecond (1 mSec.).

Hot Runner/SVGC Combination Synventive, long known for hot runner innovation and superior performance, can provide both hot runner control and SVGC in one enclosure with one interface and one menu for both the hot runner and sequence. The integrated sequential hardware can open or close 8, 16 or 32 pneumatic or hydraulic valve gates.

Calibration Each analog input is easily calibrated on the screen for maximum resolution and accuracy. Set points can be entered in up to four (4) digits. The inputs can be calibrated to only read a very fine portion of the total range if more setpoint clarity is required.

Programmable Alarms The controller can be programmed to alarm if the event happens too early or too late based on historical sequences. This time based alarm is selectable and can provide valuable quality control information for a historically open loop control application.

TTC Series (SVGC) Sequential Valve Gate Controller Catalog PDF

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